Services for Individuals

We spend as much time as possible with individuals, support staff, and caregivers. Getting to know them well means our programs are highly individualized and teach relevant functional skills that replace interfering behaviors. Serving Foster Care Agencies, CILA, ICFDD, Community Organizations, as well as Individuals in the community. 

Comprehensive Behavior Management

Comprehensive procedures and resources for individuals and organizations in the areas of: Severe Problem/ Interfering Behaviors, Psychotropic Medication Review, Medically Complex Cases, Dual Diagnosis (MI/IDD), Autism (ABA Programming), Trauma Informed Treatment Plans, and Criminal System Involvement, among others. 


Individualized and Standardized assessment including but not limited to: Interfering Behaviors, Risks & Ability to Consent and Assent, Independent Living Skills, Trauma in Individuals with IDD, Social and Communication Skills, Community Access Readiness Skills, Cognitive Decline in Individuals with IDD, Psychotropic Medications Use Management.

Skill Acquisition Services

Individualized training procedures including: Autonomy and Assertiveness, Sexual Health Training, Social Skills and Relationships, Vocational Training and Supports, Medical Care Management, Community Access& Independent Living, Self-Monitoring and Mental Health Symptom Management, Regulation, and Executive Functioning Skills among others. 


Individual and Group therapy in the areas of: Anxiety, Autism, Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Relationships and Family. Supporting all individuals including LGBTQ+and Hispanic Communities (services in Spanish).