Services for Organizations

When support staff and caregivers enjoy their work and feel satisfied, performance improves and individuals benefit. Learn more about our performance management and organizational supports.

Crisis Management & Support

In situ support to teams managing crisis and tools to prevent future crisis situations. Individualized Verbal de-escalation strategies and approved physical management training.

Performance Management

Identification, measurement, and improvement of key employee performance behaviors to improve outcomes related to the mission of the organization.

Department and Documentation Support

Behavior Management Committee [BMC], Human Rights Committee [HRC], DHS Applications & Documents, Audit support.

Policy Development

Individualized Policy and Procedure development for organization including but not limited to areas like Behavior Management Committees, Human Rights Committees, individual support and active treatment and or interaction.  


Readily available or custom made trainings in the areas of: Active Treatment, Person Centered Programming, Data Collection, Caregiver Burnout/ Compassion Fatigue, Trauma and IDD, Human Rights, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Mental Illness and IDD, DSP Supervisor Training, Performance, DSP training, Supporting Youth in Foster Care, Trauma Informed Behavior Managemet for Youth in Care, Foster Parent training and support. 

Grief Support

Providing resources and coping skills opportunities when the team experiences a loss of an individual as well as training to support peers when they are experiencing loss. Group facilitation as well as one on one support available.